Sparqube Lookup Column – Simple. Intuitive. Feature-rich. Just what your SharePoint® needs.
Sparqube Picture Column – Handling pictures in SharePoint® was never easier.
Sparqube Status Indicator – Feel the pulse of your SharePoint® data.
  • Lookup Column
  • Picture Column
  • Status Indicator

What is Sparqube?

Sparqube is the next generation of components and add-ons for SharePoint® 2013 and SharePoint® 2016. Sparqube product line-up contains the following outstanding productivity column suites:

  • Sparqube Lookup Suite – cascade, cross-site and cross-site collection lookup column suite supporting and tested in different scenarios involving linear and matrix-type lists.
  • Sparqube Document Column – column allowing uploading and associating documents between SharePoint® lists.
  • Sparqube Picture Column – column for uploading images and displaying them in original or scaled size.
  • Sparqube Status Indicator – add-on allowing adding different types of indicators to SharePoint® views and forms.

Why Sparqube?

We can highlight several reasons why you should look forward to Sparqube products:

  • Ideology – Sparqube components are designed and implemented with a lot of analysis and knowledge put into and with ease-of-use and simplicity as a primary goal.
  • Approach – Sparqube components are young in age but mature in its core and complete in its design.
  • Economy – Our components have reasonable and competitive prices for world-class quality product.
  • Evolution – Customer-driven feature development ensures constant product actuality and adjustment to market needs.
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