Sparqube Lookup feature comparison chart

FeatureOOTB LookupSparqube LookupBamboo Cascaded LookupBoost Cascaded LookupInfowise Connected Field
Lookup behavior
Cross-site support
Cross-site collection support
Reverse lookup
Allows multiple values
Supports default values
Lookup documents
Cascading behavior
Multi-level cascaded lookup
Support of matrix-type lists
Multiple-parent filtering support
Filtering fine-tuning
Value edit controls
Drop-down list
Auto-complete textbox
Radio buttons
Multiple items picker
Check boxes
Drop-down check boxes
Picker dialog
Display value
Display as link to source item
Display as generic text
Filter by list view
Filter by subfolders (document library)
Custom filter
Advanced options
"Add new item" link
Show additional fields from source list
Cross-site relationship enforce behavior
AJAX enabled
Datasheet view supported
Column conversion from OOTB Lookup
Price (1 WFE)$295$495$699$499
Premium support (optional)$150$123$350$129
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